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CREST Mission

To work with classroom teachers in order to provide continuity of educational service for students who are medically documented as having conditions requiring irregular attendance (policy 4.212)

CREST Expectations

1. Will serve as liaison between classroom teacher and the student/parent/guardian.

2. Will provide a cumulative time of 1 hour per student per week.

3. Will be responsible for conducting daily check-ins for attendance and will notify classroom teacher and attendance when contact is not successful (at which time the student would be marked absent and not coded CRT) Daily check-ins can include phone calls, emails, etc.

4. Will support classroom teacher as needed/requested.

5. Will ensure that effective communication occurs while student is out.

6. Will assist in problem-solving when needed.

7. Will assist with distribution of assignments as needed.

Jessica Vasquez
Tessa Ashworth
Wendy Boshers
Tina Neese
Katelyn Rust

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