Dr. Michael Ford 
Dr. Ford in LEGO glasses


Welcome to Randolph Howell Elementary STEM School.  One of forty-eight campuses in TN where students are guaranteed a curriculum that balances standards based work with innovation and problem solving experiences.  Each classroom offers a minimum of 30 minutes of dedicated STEM time as well as one hour weekly of STEM, Art, Music, and Technology. 

I am also proud to say that our school is a Professional Learning Community.  Teachers are offered high levels of collaborative opportunities to learn from each other daily and students work through personal SMART goals to drive learning.  Our teams meet weekly to discuss student experiences and make decisions grounded in data.

Once we put our minds to it and work together, nothing is impossible.


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Dr. Ford


Mrs. Beth Hamilton
Assistant Principal


Photo of Mrs. Hamilton

 I am proud to be entering my 24th year in education at Randolph Howell Elementary STEM School.  I have witnessed many changes throughout the years and am excited for our designation as a Model STEM School as well as regaining our Title I status which provides additional resources for all of our students to help them in achieving their goals.  Also, we will be continuing our work with RTI2-B, which reinforces a proactive, positive approach to discipline and supporting the social/emotional well-being of our students. 



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